With what primary photographic style do you identify?
We enjoy both a non-obtrusive photojournalistic approach and create modern editorial portraits.

What is your medium preference? What type of equipment do you use?
We primarily use film, with Mamiya 645AFD bodies and lenses. For digital situations, we use Canon professional DSLRs and lenses. Our favourite film stock is Fuji 400H. PhotoVision and the Goodman Lab handles the development of all our film.

Who is the main photographer and how long have you been shooting professionally?
Marissa Yi is the primary photographer and owner of Bella Muse and has over 15 years photography experience. She has been shooting professionally since 1999 and been in business for herself since 2005.

How many weddings do you shoot a year?
We accept a limited amount of weddings each year to ensure a fast turnaround and more custom experience for our couples.

What kind of post-processing is included?
We strive to capture images correctly in camera and do very little in post-production unless making artistic edits such as B&W conversions or blemish removal. After a shoot, each image is individually checked for white balance, contrast, colour, and hue saturation.

Do you provide professional prints and products?
We work with carefully vetted print partners to offer heirloom albums, image boxes, fine art prints and canvases, and a selection of gifts. We use only professional printers and album companies to ensure integrity and longevity.

Have you received formal training as a photographer?
Marissa Yi attended Columbus State University for Marketing and Studio Art/Photography.

Do you have experience shooting in various lighting situations?
We are able to adapt to lighting issues and restrictions, including low-light and natural light.

If you require a meal break, do you require that the client provide your meal?
For events lasting four hours or longer, we request a hot meal during festivities that do not require photographing (when the bride and groom are eating).

Do you provide the digital files to the client?
An online gallery of finished medium-resolution images and printing release is provided in our Wedding Collection.

Do you provide an itemised contract? Do you have a business licence and insurance?
Yes, yes, and yes! Our contract details all services and products provided, payment, and addresses terms and conditions such as liability, cancellations, et cetera.

How many images should I expect?
Portrait collections average 25 to 40 finished images. Weddings average about 250 finished images.