In memory of Josh Nicholson

Joshua Alton Britton Nicholson passed away today. He was a friend to all, but to some of us he was more than that. He was someone we grew up with… spending every weekend goofing off at the skate centre, all-nights, and sleepovers. He was a brother in our very large family! Then growing up and out of that “skate centre days” phase to other pastimes… dancing and partying every weekend, all night. And now in our 30s, the father of a sweet little girl and two handsome boys, Brianna Kay, Hayden Whitaker, and Zachary Cole.

I know we all sometimes wish we could go back to those days when we were young and the only things we worried about was what to wear (because we had to coordinate, even the boys!) and who were on teams for relays. I miss that second family… I still remember our first true experience at heartbreak, when we buried Josh’s best friend, Nick. It hurts just as much now. But I like to think he and Nicholas are together in Heaven. Rest in peace, my friend. You are forever in our hearts.

With love,

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