Random Acts of Kindnesses | Stay Inspired

Because I edit from home and am only in the studio for shoots, the UPS guy is always missing me and I have to go to their customer service centre to pick up my packages. The last time I was there, I noticed their clock radio, which was literally wrapped in packing tape to keep it together. I jokingly commented on it and was told that half that time it didn’t even work. Well, I can’t imagine working a job and not having some music to help the day go by so I went to Sears and found a nice boombox with a radio, CD player, and auxiliary hookup for mp3 players. Yesterday I had to pick up a package and told them I had a package for them, as well. The reaction of unexpected kindness is amazing and I love it… They were surprised and told me that no one has ever done anything nice for them, and one of the ladies said she’d been there for over 14 years (as long as that little clock radio)! So ladies, enjoy, and readers, stay inspired!

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