The (Real) Cost of Being Your Own Boss

Photography is a growing industry, and the reality is the supply obviously is exceeding the demand. Unfortunately, many emerging photographers, whether they are students, amateurs, or self-proclaimed professionals, drastically undercharge for their services in an effort to to compete with the experienced professionals or because they just don’t know what to charge.

This is for the latter.

If you’re reading this, I’ll assume you’re already sitting down at the computer. Now grab a pen and write down a number: how much you want to make in a year making a living as a photographer.

Now cross it out because you probably forgot to figure some costs in.

Camera Equipment
Computer Equipment
Website, Hosting, Email
High Speed Internet Service
Professional organisation memberships
Continuing education and workshops
Industry trade shows
Business Insurance (do not opt not to get it!)
Licence and taxes (yes, you need a licence to take pictures… yes, you need to pay taxes)
Advertising and Marketing
Car payment, petrol, upkeep

This is your annual cost of doing business.

Now… ready to rethink that number?

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