Tornado Aftermath – Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

I want to thank everyone for the voicemails and messages the past couple days. I feel truly blessed to have so many friends keep me in their thoughts and prayers.

Yes, I ran through the rain and mess to get pictures. Aside from being soaked, I’m fine. I’m still sorting through shots, but here is one that I find particularly touching:

It is heartwrenching and no pictures you see will capture the gravity of the devastation and loss that these families are experiencing.

The tornado touched down about 100 yards behind my home. My flatmate actually saw it from outside our door. The damage is extensive, but my place went untouched except for a tree limb that flew into the side of my car. A lot of people weren’t so lucky.

Along Green Island Drive and throughout Green Island Hills, and across the street at Wynnbrook Baptist church, The Woodlands, and Brookstone, dozens of homes and vehicles were impaled by trees, roofs partially or completely ripped off, and walls caved in. Insulation lines the shrubbery and streets, along with uprooted trees and rubbish. Buildings, businesses, and cars on Veterans Parkway all lay in a mess of shattered glass, power lines, utility poles, and wreckage.

The Green Island area is without power until mid-next week so I’m staying at my mother’s house in Harris County.

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