Resisting temptation to false gods.

Being a child of God means challenging the culture of the day. Every day we are exposed to impostor gods. Notably, the media and entertainment industry have glorified sex to the point that it’s become acceptable in society.

This kind of exposure also teaches young people that sex is no longer an act of love between two people, but a means to market goods and services and exploit the human body, which is our gift from God. Fewer teenagers are waiting until marriage, leading to more teens getting pregnant then dropping out of school or having abortions.

Abortion has deformed humanity. With this “easy out”, people are no longer responsible for the consequences for their actions. Human rights are a privilege conferred by a higher power than our government. From the time of conception, the Holy Spirit makes the child, and our Father gives him life, and that right to be born is not contingent upon on the pleasure of any person, not even a parent or sovereign.

Pornography is more prevalent, and in turn so are underage sex, teen pregnancy, abortion, rape, and paedophilia. These are all deliberate attacks on the kingdom of God, and lead to the deterioration of family values and morals. We can remain strong and surround ourselves in His light by including prayer in our daily activities and being involved with our families, church, and community. This life is brief compared to an eternity in heaven, so live your life in our Father because He is in all of us.

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